Junior League


FGA's Junior Golf League is a series of golf matches for both boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 17.  The matches are held on all three Fairbanks Golf courses from June 5 through August 7.  If you have and questions about FGA Junior Golf, you can contact the Program Director, Kelly Oines at 378-8461


This was our final round, of a 9 week league.  Our event today was at Chena Bend Golf Course.

Thank you to our Sponsors; Jose's Body & Paint, Premier Auto Detailing and Odom Coca-Cola for their generous Support.


Boys Championship Flight:
1st Place Aden Sadler
2nd Place Jett Debaun
3rd Place Fletcher Burnett

Boys First Flight
1st Place Gabe May
2nd Place Alex Hall
3rd Place Rylen Monzingo

Boys Second Flight
1st Place Isaac May
2nd Place Adrian Creek
3rd Place tie; Cade Albert & Ollie Brewer

Girls Championship Flight:
1st Place Greta Johnson
2nd Place McKinley Burnett
3rd Place Emma Henne

Girls First Flight
1st Place Dalhlia Creek
2nd Place Lilly McCraw
3rd Place Helen Johnson

Girls Second Flight
1st Place Haley Clos
2nd Place Aria Larrabe